Our Vision

DIAL Open Source Center

We work to achieve a world where a mature portfolio of open source products and communities collaborate to support international development in highly useful and efficient ways. We envision a reality where barriers are broken down by empowering individuals and local communities to share knowledge and tools. We promote the support and funding of technology-driven efforts in international development that are coordinated within and between sectors.

We dream of a time when innovation is shared and welcomed as a force of positive change to embrace, rather than a strategic organizational risk ... and an age when educated, empowered, and enabled individuals work to grow the numbers of citizens participating in digital society.

Our Goals for Communities

We believe in the importance of focusing on helping open source digital development projects increase their impact through four key pillars of maturity:

  1. Community effectiveness: inclusive and flexible governance models, distributed leadership, integrated community management processes
  2. Product development: integrated product strategy and roadmap, behavior-based measurement of customer success
  3. Robust technology architecture: collaborative and distributed technology leadership, use of appropriate tools for collaboration and software development, integrated formal and user-generated content
  4. Sustainable organizational base: neutral home for vibrant multilateral participation, activist culture focused on stakeholder success, inclusive legal and IP policies that balance autonomy and collaboration

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